Kathy (Sweeney) Hanna

(e-mail) vdotech @ ptd.net
(married) 32 years
(spouse) Emmett
(children) Shane 30, Michael 28, Jaimie 22
(gchildren) Mikey 10, Bridgette 2
(pets) Moonbeam Zappa (Zappa) shepard mix
(livenow) Akron, PA  27 years
(lived-visited) visited From Maine to Fla to Arizona
(jobnow) Video Tape producer, Video Tech, 18 years
(jobbefore) Para-legal 3 years
(joblater) I love what I do
(schools) Yes
(talents-claims to fame) Yes
(achievements) Being comfortable in my own skin, raising children who contribute to society and the ability to come and go when and where I want to                                     
(newgoals) I am restoring a house built in 1910 and am having a great time!
(favmemories) Doing the plays, Oklahoma, West Side Story, Annie Get Your Gun, Brigadoon, The Man Who Came To Dinner etc, and the pool parties
(favteachers) Gene Greco, Paul Storm & Pete Quincy (PTD) as he would say and that does mean "Pretty damn quick"
(favsongs) Wild Thing
(favnow) travel and  whatever project I'm working on at the time
(message) It's been a blast reading what all of you have been doing for all these years.  I haven't been contacted about any reunions since the 20th and at that time there was talk about a 25th cruise.  What have I missed???   If anyone wants to come visit in the heart of Amish country - drop me a line...