Linda Burton 

My Terra
In memory of
My Tashi - 14 years old
In the cold waters of
New England - Fall  2008
Practicing the Iditorad
in Alaska 2008
Bev, Me, Marie & Bridget in Anchorage 2008
San Antonio 2008
Sandy Huffman Saunders
& me - Vegas 2008

(email) Miaspgs1969 @
(married) Married 1973-1984
(spouse) Bozo
(children) Angela (1976), Sarah (1979)
(gchildren) Alexia (2001), Alijah (2003), Hunter (2005)
(pets) Terra (1997)
(livenow) Arvada CO 80005 since 1977
(lived-visited) Greeley CO and Arvada CO, time for a change?
(live-visitlater) Would love to live on a coast and I would visit anywhere if given the opportunity
(jobnow) Frontier Airlines CSA 
(jobbefore) Built an assisted living home in 2002, ran it until 2006, in the process of selling it now.  My career was with US West Communications for 26 years.
(joblater) Feeding the birds and fish on an ocean
(schools) University of Northern Colorado B.S. in Health and Phys. Education 1973
(talents) Still swimming - now on a Masters team for the OLD folks
(achievements) built and operated an assisted living home from 2002-2006
(newgoals) retirement on the beach...somewhere with someone special
(favmemories) First kiss, swim team, majorettes, band, dancing one dance with Octavio Visiedo
(favteachers) Mr. Ramirez, Steve Rash, Mr. Twoomey, Pete Quincy, and of course Coach Diaz
(favsongs) Surfer girl (that's the song that I danced to with Octavio)
(favnow) Travel, travel, and travel when I can
(message) Hi everyone.  Looking forward to our next class reunion and seeing everyone again.  We have such a good group of people from MSSH and have such a wonderful time at the reunions.  I hope more can make it next time.  Stay posted.

                        The Gorgeous Ladies

Linda, Karen, & Holly - 1961

Karen, Linda, Jana, & Holly - 1994

Jana, Linda, Holly & Karen - 1999