What's the best way to find an old friend you lost touch with over the years?

If they have not filled out our alumni survey yet, maybe they have filled one out on classmates.com.  Go to the classmates.com web site and search for them, or send me their name and I'll look them up on classmates for you.

If they are not listed as alumni, there are some other searches you can try like whitepages.com and zabasearch.com.  You may also want to say you are trying to contact them in the 'message to classmates' on your own survey.  Maybe they'll read it and contact you (keep your email address up to date), or maybe your classmates can help you find them.

You could also do an exact phrase search on the internet for their name, or look up their friends and family who went to MSSH.

Ken Nairn, MSSH c/o '69
GoldenHawks.net Webmaster